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Original posted by Ashok[ashok] on 15th April 2006.

Last changed by Mary[mary] on 28th October 2012.

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Essex poetry needs to find a distinctive flavour. Poetry from other places relies on isolation, ethnic symbolism, stock caricatures. Essex poetry must strive for vision, feeding on the immense skies, ancient mystic roots, the melting pot of cultures, the calmness of the waving corn, the energy of futurism. Too much poetry is inward-looking, self-absorbed and trivial. (We can all be guilty of those things.) Alternatively, it can be superficial, fashionable and trivial.

Poetry, time travel, Surrealism - are just a few of the things that exercise my mind. I try to write in several different genre. Writing in one style is thought to create a poetic "voice", but "voice" always appears whatever you write. Be different - be adventurous.

This is my back catalogue. 2010 poems are under wraps.